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Do you watch the news?

I don't anymore. I probably haven't watched it in at least 5 years. I don't read about the news either. Whatever I need to know I come across in conversation or Facebook. I even don't read the current events on Facebook for the same reasons I'm going to go into below. Maybe you think I am an idiot but tell me your opinion after you read what I wrote below.

The way I see it the #1 job of the news is for that show to get ratings. So they can have advertisers and make money. I asked myself awhile back do I really need to watch a show by choice when their number one objective is to terrify me into listening to their story. Think of the commercials and headlines they use to draw you in. "Flu season, is your newborn baby safe or will they end up like (and cut to photo of a baby all hooked up to tubes in the hospital.). "Does your stomach hurt, could you have stomach cancer, find out more at 5pm tonight". I mean come on. That is just flat out shitty to play off of human fears just for ratings. Not to mention all the attention given to these crazy mother fuckers doing terroist acts. As far as I am concerned "GET THIS SHIT OUT OF MY FACE". I have anxiety all on my own, I don't need to watch a show to play into my fears. So I make a choice. I don't watch it. If I do watch something I want to see uplifting shows. Is there anything better on earth than Ellen for that. Tell me about people doing good. Tell me about great ideas, fun things to do with my family. I watch funny sitcoms, light hearted stuff that makes me feel good. Lets stop focusing on the glass being half empty and start focusing on what is right in this world.

Maybe you are a person where bad news goes in one ear and out the other. Then go ahead and do whatever you want. I am not that kind of person. I hold on to it. Process it. Think about it more and if it could effect me or anyone I love. Then I think about what can I do to prevent that from harming my family. Then I worry about it. To me, that is a HUGE waste of my day and my brain space. I have gotten much better at letting go. I no longer obsess over it for months. Maybe a day or two until I can drop it from circling my brain like a shark around its lunch. As I mentioned before that skill to drop it did not happen on its own. It took over 10 years of therapy, finding balance in my day with exercise and diet, and the help of Zoloft. My husband can watch this stuff just fine but not me. I know for a fact I am not alone. I have had this exact conversation with countless other people . Hell, I just had it last night at a big holiday party.

I think for me and a lot of moms out there our mother bear mentality comes roaring out. We hear something to be afraid of and our instincts tell us to protect our offspring at all costs. I think we are literally designed to worry.

Do what you want. Just my opinion on it. I don't think the producers of these news shows care at all about us. Just about their own jobs and ratings.

What do I watch when I have a minute.....I'll tell you. I love Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, American Housewife, Ellen, HGTV. Fun uplifting shows. Back in the day when Oprah was on ABC I watched it constantly. She was preaching acceptance, balance, love, and doing good for others. That is what I want cushioning my thoughts throughout the day. Glass half full kind of shows. Teaching us to do good and feel good.

So maybe after reading this you still I am an idiot for avoiding this kind of stuff...... you can call me whatever you want. I am the one that has to live with my brain everyday not you. Until next time, my best advice.....keep your eyes on who you WANT to be and how you WANT to feel. Focus on what you WANT your day be. You will be pleasantly surprised if you turn your brain to only focus on what the world looks like when everything is a glass half full.

I love your comments, texts, messages, and thoughts on my blogs!! Keep them coming!

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