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The Human Race - Rules to live by

I have green eyes,

my oldest child has blue,

my middle child green,

my youngest brown,

and my husband has brown eyes.

All three children are our biological children. Should I treat them the same even if they have different colored eyes? Or should I assume since mine are green and that is all I have known my whole life that the child with green eyes is the best, brightest, and most beautiful? My mom had blue eyes and I loved her so I can love that child too?

NO.....That would just be flat out STUPID. We all know enough about science and genetics at this point in time that if anyone thought or came up with a conclusion like that we would all think they are bat sh*t crazy. I saw this concept on The Oprah Show years ago and it just left a huge impression.

We all know from previous blogs I don't participate in watching or reading the news. Yet, I still unfortunately hear people talking about ridiculous things or see something pop up on facebook or on a sitcom which leads me to believe it is still way too relevant in todays life. No matter how much I try to bury my head in the dirt like an ostrich from this sort of B/S I still get forced to hear about it.

So we all know that no matter if the pigment that makes up your skin is black, white, pink, cream, brown, beige, Carmel, olive, yellow, freckled, purple, blue or whatever that underneath that layer of dermis is the same body system with a heart and lungs pumping blood and oxygen all around. We know this. We all know we are part of ONE human race. So why are race jokes even relevant. I don't get it. I just don't. Our skin color just like our eye color, our hair color, and our height are all made up from genes passed on from our parents and generations before. It is decided for us. It's basic genetics folks. If two parents both have curly hair its really likely their offspring will too. Not 100% of course b/c of recessive genes but pretty darn likely.

Maybe I'm just like some crazy smart mother f*cker... I don't think that is the case.

I'm just stating the obvious here. Like there is grass on the ground or stars in the sky. I'm not inventing some abstract creative process. Just saying straight up factual things.

That brings me to my next topic that we will refer to as topic 2.... I'm going to hit on all the things you are not supposed to bring up during dinner parties b/c its too dividing. Religion......

Why on earth would I care what you believe. You can believe whatever you want and I'll believe what I want. Can't we all coexist. We learned this basic rule in preschool. I think if everyone just followed these three simple rules we would all be good:

1. Keep your hands to yourself.

2. If you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all.

3. The Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated.

I'm no rocket scientist here but why do I care if you believe there is or is not a god. If there is one god or a million gods. That is none of my damn business what you want to think about. Celebrate some holidays here and there or don't celebrate anything at all ever. I personally don't care at all. Why does it matter how someone who is not you wants to spend their time and what they want to celebrate. It's their life.... I guess the bottom line is if it isn't hurting anyone else then who cares what someone else wants to believe.

Moving on to topic number 3.....

I nearly fell off my rocker when I heard in 2017 a parent didn't want anything to do with their child b/c they were gay. I literally was baffled by this. How on earth could you not want to be part of your child's life because you don't agree with same sex relationships. I just can't wrap my mind around that. We are quickly approaching 2018 here. People are really still giving an opinion about same gender relationships? It just blows my mind....I don't get it. It's their life, not yours. Who someone is attracted to and loves has NOTHING on earth to do with anybody else. Why would anyone think it is appropriate to give their opinion on this matter. It is not asked of them nor is it any of their damn business. I will never forget talking to my mom as a kid about this. Her exact words, "It doesn't matter who you fall in love with, what matters is that you fall in love." Right....RIGHT...RIGHT!!!

Come on .....sounds pretty simple. Why did it gets so complicated and why did people think anyone wanted to hear their unasked opinion. I thought Lady Gaga spelled it out so well in her "Born This Way" track. No different than our eyes, our hair color, our height, who we love just comes from within. We are all born this way. We are all born part of one race. The HUMAN RACE. Sure our thoughts on things vary but at the end of the day we are all just human beings.

So lets stay on track going into 2018......Here is a recap and three simple reminders:

1. Keep your hands to yourself

2. If you have nothing nice to say than say nothing at all

3. The Golden Rule: treat others how you want to be treated

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