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Botox Botox Botox here it is. I've been asked by quite a few people at this point about my skin. I'm 37 and a mom of three (which most readers know by now.) I like most of you am completely baffled by JLo and Beyonce to name a few of the most popular age defying celebrities. I don't get why they feel its a secret whatever they do to their skin. Sure they might share lotions they use with the public but NOT THE FULL TRUTH. So unlike popular belief that if you do something you should keep it private I am going to tell you exactly what I put in and on my face.

I feel like people use botox these days like women in the 80's used hairspray. Its just part of the norm. Not everyone obviously but I know for a fact I'm not the minority with this one..... at least not around here!!

So here goes. First I have two disclaimers:

1. I am a mom with a degree is business. NOT A DOCTOR, so this is just my opinion

2. If you think my skin and face look like sh*t then it is super important you keep reading so you know what to avoid at all costs or you can just stop reading...up to you

I do botox for crows feet and in the middle of my eyebrows. This past time he injected a small amount into what he referred to as "bunnies" which are wrinkles by your eyes and nose. I have found from some serious trial and error by a variety of physicians that botox on my forehead is a BAD idea. Every single time my eyebrows have dropped. In turn I looked pretty funny for a good 3-4 months. I was told by the doctor I see now it is because I have "a weak forehead".....whatever that means. All I know is don't put that botox needle near my forehead!! I have seen a variety of doctors for injectables too from plastic surgeons, dermatologists, to an ENT. My dermatologist is my favorite so far. Next because my brows drop he uses some super thin filler in my forehead lines. I need to get the name of it because it is MAGIC. It leaves no bumps or anything. I can't even feel it after he puts it in, it just makes the lines more faint. I have more to add to this filler portion but I need to find out some specifics first. Some of the fillers are so different in how they feel to me under my skin so I'm going to wait until I know more for part 2 of this blog.

I love a good retinol but definitely not everyday or it feels like acid on my skin. I currently am using a low percent over the counter maybe 2-3 days a week from my derms office by skinceuticals. I had great skin my whole life growing up and around 23 got hormonal acne on my chin area and to this day if I'm not using retinol it starts to break out. Then I use, are you ready for this,.....cetaphil face wash from Target with a sponge like scrubbing loofah thing. This loofah was awesome advice given to me by an estacian once. I use it every single day and it really helps keep my skin smoother. Then I use a serum and moisturizer (I do NOT sell this) from Rodan and Fields. After a year of posts from my friend I gave in and gave it a try. I like it, I wasn't expecting to but I really do. I use the soothe serum and moisturizer. Then I mix in nuertrogena face sunblock into the moisturizer and I feel like it makes an awesome make up primer when combined plus blocks the sun. FYI-super important to use sunblock especially if using retinol.

Last thing. I'm a sucker for a face mask. I'm hitting up places like Ulta, speciality grocery stores, spas whatever anytime I'm in the area. I'll buy 99 cent masks right on up to fancy spa ones. In the mornings I'll put one on after the shower while I'm getting dressed for maybe 5 mins. Nothing long, I don't have time for that in the mornings while trying to get 3 kids out the door to school. I'll be honest here, I can't tell the difference between and expensive one and a cheap one. So don't waste you money.

I lied, one more last thing. Nothing takes the place of good lighting and some editing when taking a photo! Literally looking one direction taking a photo I look 90 years old and I look the other way and the sun hits me right and it smooths out every wrinkle. Perhaps I will write a blog on the art of the selfie next because anyone that follows me knows I'm not shy at all about taking a picture.

Until next time, thanks for reading!!

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