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Make a wish on a shooting meteor......

Does making a wish on a meteor work the same as making a wish on a star? If you live in the Detroit area yesterday evening the night sky lite up as a meteor went racing across the horizon plummeting to earth. I was at an intersection near my home when it happened. Prior to this bolt of light I was jamming to a favorite track "Good Old Days" by Macklemore as I sat at the red light. I was driving across town on this cold evening to drop off some of my books ("Overcoming Obstacles") to a very generous woman I met earlier in the day offering to help me with promoting my book and my modeling journey. This after spending the morning doing a photo shoot in an unheated theater in Detroit area and the afternoon taking my youngest on a playdate. As the sky lite up I was baffled by the giant fireball I had seen rocketing across the horizon and in that same moment the song continued to play the line "Your whole life is about to change" came on. I thought alright, either that was a spaceship and aliens just landed on earth or I'll make a wish on this meteor since I don't see any shooting stars on this cloudy night. So UNIVERSE I hope you heard me!! I want it all. To be with my kids and family, to make it as a model, to share my story "Overcoming Obstacles, and continue being inspired by those around me.

Do I believe in superstitions like wishing on a star? I believe you make your own luck. I believe if you keep putting yourself out there in a position to succeed again and again and again that you eventually will. Do I think that meteor is going to grant my wish like a genie? No. It would be pretty cool if life worked that way though. I think we would all be hanging out by telescopes every single day if that were the case.

I am putting one foot in front of the other. Practicing what a preach. Practicing what I witnessed my husband do day after day in his business United Wholesale Mortgage/ United Shore. I watched him closely over the years. So many late nights and early mornings. The positive attitude he kept daily, the goals that he wrote and shared with everyone. If you work at United Shore I will ask you because I know you know .....How many times a month do you hear my husband talk about the company goals? LOL, I bet you need more than 10 fingers to count that answer. I watched him and his team grow that wholesale mortgage business from 12 people to over 2300. From a small office in Birmingham, MI to their current 275,000 sq ft building in Troy, MI and this summer moving into their new home a 600,000 sq ft headquarters in Pontiac, MI equipped with a full size basketball court, physicians office just for "team" members that work there, massage room, hair salon, indoor auditorium, outdoor auditorium, Starbucks to name of few of these amazing perks. I witnessed greatness. I saw him make influental moves in his industry, stirring and changing the way the mortgage business is done. He is inspiring beyond worlds. His motto always "Why not me" and "Don't let perfect get in the way of good enough." He was right....he hit the bullseye with every single goal he has had and every saying he has made up. Every single day staying true to himself and his mission.

I am trying to follow in his footsteps. Keeping my eyes on the prize and focusing on the positives. Letting the none responders and no's slip off my shoulders into nothingness. What does that mean. Well, my team and I have sent out 100s of email and messages to publications and designers I want to work with. We continue to design creative shoots and work with new clients locally. I am practicing getting better infront of the camera. Practicing my sales pitch on emails to book publishers, magazines, and designers. I want to model plan and simple. At 5'6", 37 years old, mom of 3, and 125 pounds I want it. Now do they want me is another question. I think they do but they just don't know it yet. I will tell you, I am starting to hear back from some magazines which makes me beyond words excited. No large globally recognized model management company has written me back yet. I know they read my required physical stats on their applications and I'm sure my application gets tossed out. That is how things have always been done in the industry but that speaks nothing to the future of modeling? The fact that they haven't responded just confirms that they too are stuck in a groove of how things have always been. I say F*CK THAT!! Trends change as quickly as ballet slippers to stilettos but the models stature and age seem to stay the same. Every now and then there will be one plus size model that makes it.

I think to myself every single day "Why not me?" I don't care if they haven't responded yet. They just don't know me yet. You don't have to be 20 years old and six feet tall to wear clothing!!! Why do you need to be built like a typical runway model to be on the cover of a fashion magazine? You don't! Besides modeling I also want to share my story. My journey with others that have been through great obstacles in their life like me. I want people to know it can get better. I'm just one example of millions out there. You won't always hurt like you do. Believing in yourself and finding acceptance in what was is the answer at least for me. Talking to specialist and getting a greater understanding of yourself. Yes, it took me 10 years of therapy, a series of nearly deadly health issues, problems getting pregnant, mental health issues, and learning to cope with the cancer that killed my mother. BUT I DID IT!! I am alive to the tale and share the tools that helped me live my life in a much better mental place today. I am happy and have peace with many of the health issues of my past. With these tools I am going to go after other dreams. To see if I too can accomplish my goals.

I want you to think of something you really really want. Even if it isn't how it is done today. Even if nobody knows how awesome this idea would be. Maybe it's making a cooking youtube show, or finding a way to have your kids help with dinner or learning to speak another language. If you believe in it and really want it to happen then I encourage you to start taking steps towards that goal. Does it mean give up your current job? No freaking way!! It means when you aren't working at making an income to support you life and caring for your family then work on this project on the side. Do whatever it is you need to to do to make it happen. Don't say you don't have time. Because we all have the same 24 hours and somehow people find it. Those 15 minutes each day start to add up.

I witnessed my husband's business grow from an unranked company not even in listed in the top 500 companies in volume in America to the number 1 wholesale mortgage lender in the country. Bigger than Flagstaff, US bank , and Quicken to name a few recognizable names. It took him years and years of work but he did it, they did it. They have been number 1 for three years straight! He wanted this to happen like his body needs oxygen to breath. I am working on making my dream happen too. Good luck on your journey!!

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