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Clean Eating Lifestyle

I have been asked a lot lately about what I eat. I'm 5'6" and 125 pounds. I don't obsess about food. I have eaten like this for years so it is just a part of my life. I don't feel like I am missing out on anything because this really is all I know.

The entire principle I follow each and every day of my life is to make the quality of my day the best I can. That means whether it's getting enough sleep, playing with my kids, chasing my dreams, not drinking alcohol or eating, it all comes down to how I want to live my life. As well as how I want my body to feel. So I fuel it with healthy foods so I can feel the best I can.

So much research indicates certain foods can cause and inflammatory response in our body. Other foods like sugars give us super highs which then leave us feeling flat. Caffeine can give us a huge burst but then leaves us wanting more. I avoid all the above. I eat super clean, nothing processed, no alcohol, nothing caffinated. Basically if it doesn't grow from the ground or isn't an egg I don't consume it. I eat single ingredient foods. So if you look at a label and there are more than one ingredient listed, then I am not eating it. An exception would be a homemade veggie patty made with beans, eggs, spinach and sweet potatoes. All single real foods that grew from the ground mushed together.

I lost my mom to cancer, my grandmother had cancer three times. I don't want to feed any radical cells anything they might like. So I don't eat anything that science shows can cause tumor cells to grow. I eat a very high antioxidant diet. Tons and tons of fruits and vegetables every single day. Science shows mixed thoughts on eggs. Some vegans swear to never consume them for their own reason. I have done my research and feel they are the right choice for me. I do not consume any protein shakes, protein bars. If it doesn't grow from the ground then I am not eating it. My idea of a protein shake would be blending together real foods with silken tofu, eggs or nuts.

Do I ever go outside this? Maybe once or twice a month I will eat sorbet at dinner if we are out to eat. It is crazy sweet to me because I never eat sugar during the month. Otherwise no. Maybe soy sauce if I'm out to dinner with vegetable sushi.

I also don't eat gluten. So all my hot meals are typically paired with rice. I can not digest wild or brown rice. I can not digest quinoa either and I love it but it irritates my digestive tract.

The bulk of my meals are green vegetables such as swiss chard or spinach which would then be sprinkled with the higher sugar content vegetables like sweet potato or squash. I love these root vegetables but they "stick" to my body more so they need to be limited per meal. Nuts are mixed in as well as beans and tofu. I don't do sugar sauces. Everything is made from ingredients and blended.

Typical day:


*container strawberries

*container of another berry

*natually caffeine free tea

*fresh squeezed OJ mixed with Peligrino

*2 hard boiled eggs

*kim chee (awesome natural probiotic)


*hot mix vegetables/rice/bean dish

*2 hard boiled eggs with kimchee or sauerkraut

*2 containers of berries

*a quarter of a melon

*more OJ mixed with Peligrinio


*hot mix of vegetables/rice/bean dish

*2 hard boiled eggs with kimchee or sauerkraut

*soda water with berries and mint or basil mixed in


*container strawberries

*container or two blueberries

*container rasberries



*an egg



I am not a dietician. This is what works for me. I know I eat "too much" fruit and it has natural sugars in it. But I like it so I will continue unless it starts to bother me. I do not consume alcohol because it makes me feel TERRIBLE the next few days afterwards and causes major digestion issues for a minimum of a week after.

If you have questions or whatever give me a shout! I am very passionate about healthy eating for myself. For my children I try to find more balance. They are in a world filled with other foods so I really focus on moderation for them. Yes, they get desserts from cookies to fruit snacks. I just try to give them balance so I know they are getting nutrients as well. I don't want to make them crazy or obsessed about food.

So a meal for my kids might include mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, tacos (with the highest quality grass fed meat), pizza, pasta or burger. I'll pair these with apples, strawberries, melons, cucumbers, peppers or black beans. For dessert they can pick either fruit snacks, a cookie, ice-cream, popsicle, lollypop or goldfish after lunch or dinner. Snacks are always raw fruits, vegetables or beans. It is a huge treat and rare if I let them have popcorn or something that comes prepackaged.

My oldest has a more sensitive diet. He refuses ANY raw fruit or vegetables so he is required to have fruit pouches which is a blended mix of fruits and vegetables with his meals. He also eats those organic Z-bars.

My kids get food like McDonalds maybe once or twice a month. It is not something I think is healthy but I also think it is unhealthy to refuse to allow children to eat certain foods that their peers eat and will be exposed to as they get older. I do teach them it is not as healthy of a choice as other things. IN MY OPINION I think denying these foods and making them off limits could lead to psychological issues around foods down the road. Again before anyone gets mad, this is my opinion. So that is why I find it important to still let them eat food like this in MODERATION. Like many things in life, I feel moderation is important for my family to hopefully learn balanced eating habits as they grow up.

Love hearing your thoughts and questions on this too!!

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