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Overcoming Obstacles 1

Behind this six pack is a body that survived a horrific misdiagnosis. During my second pregnancy at 7 weeks along my while blood cell counts shot through the roof with severe pain on my right side. My body temp climbed to 104. I was told UTI that possibly spread to my kidney after a week in the hospital where my intestines completely shut down. I was told I had a cyst on my ovary as well. My fever and blood work settled from the IV antibiotics. The chills, low grade fevers, fatigue, weakness, and night sweats continued. I told my husband that I felt my body was dying. I felt lifeless everyday. Most days too drained to even leave the house. Any day I felt well enough I would do whatever I could with my two year old son feeling such guiltier feeling so sick and not able to be with him as I normally would.

Fast forward to my section at 39 weeks where they discovered the "cyst" was an abscess the size of a softball that had attached to m colon, completely consumed my ovary, and was leaking what appeared to be gang green inside me during my pregnancy. I was told after the two hour surgery where another surgeon had to come in to exam my body to make sure they didn't miss anything that it was a miracle that my daughter and I survived the pregnancy.

The physicians I saw on my many trips between the 7 week hospital stay and delivery told me that maybe I was depressed. They thought I was exaggerating my symptoms. Nope!! Doctors are not always right! So why chase my dream of being a nationally known model at age 37? I have dreamed of this my entire life. No one else is going to chase down my dream for me. Here I am making it happen! Because nobody knows what tomorrow may bring. My advice to anyone....Do what you want with your life how you want to do it! Tomorrow is not a guarantee for any of us. Seize the day! Hard work and determination got my body back in shape after severe weakness from this horrific misdiagnosis and three pregnancies. It didn't happen overnight but with persistence it did.If you have your health and you family has theirs then you have everything.

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